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WiFi 7 BE200 BE200NGW M.2 WiFi Card BT5.4 802.11BE Tri-Band 8774Mbps NGFF WiFi 7 Wireless Network Laptop New WiFi 7

03/04/2024 14:55
  • BE200NGW is a WIFI 7 module designed and developed by Intel Corporation. This module integrates advanced wireless technology to provide high-speed and reliable wireless connectivity for various devices. With support for the latest WIFI 7 standard, the BE200 offers significant improvements in data transfer rates and network capacity compared to its predecessors.
  • Known as 802.11be, Wi-Fi 7 promises up to 46Gbps theoretical throughput, making it 4.8x faster than Wi-Fi 6 and 13x faster than Wi-Fi 5, while maintaining compatibility with older Wi-Fi versions at lower speeds. Wi-Fi 7 also introduces 320MHz wide bands – double that of Wi-Fi 6 thanks to channel banding – alongside 4096 QAM, an amplitude modulation scheme meant to increase link capacity to 575Mbps over a channel bandwidth of 56MHz.
  • The WiFi 7 BE200NGW WiFi Card supports 2×2 TX/RX streams, uses 2.4GHz, 574Mbps, 5GHz,2400Mbps, and 6GHz,5800Mbps bands, and the BE200 has a maximum speed of 5Gbit/s, which is significantly below the maximum transfer rate supported by the standard.WiFi 7 BE200NGW also supports PCIe (With a PCIe Adapter)and USB interfaces and can be used for desktop motherboards and laptops.It can also achieve “self” load balancing, using its own multi-channel advantages for concurrent data transmission. Solve the problem that WiFi 6 cannot automatically switch bands.
  • In theory, this WiFi 7 BE200NGW Adapter on 320MHz channels allows devices to enjoy higher single-device throughput. WiFi 6 can achieve a maximum of 160MHz, and WiFi 7 directly doubled, so that the access of digital devices can have greater wireless throughput capacity. Faster speed and lower latency. WiFi 7 can support data transmission rates of up to 30Gbps, which is equivalent to three times that of WiFi 6 and can meet the use of high bit rate 4K/8K video, VR/AR applications, remote working, video conferencing, and cloud computing scenarios.
  • Only support Windows 10/11 64 bit and Bluetooth 5.4 version,Bluetooth 5.4 adds LE enhanced connection Host set Controller key length function LE channel hierarchy function. Make Bluetooth 5.4 lower latency, stronger anti-interference, improve battery life. If you get and install it and you could download the driver fron I-n-t-e-l official website at the first time.